Just The Two of US

Sunday, 22 November 2009

10 Random Things About Me...

1. I read far too much - Michael removes the book from underneath my face EVERY night when he comes to bed.
2. I love French Martinis - but am tipsy after two.
3. I love Italy and would like the chance to live there for a time.
4. I can't sing in tune although I was in the choir at school and once sang a solo from Guys and Dolls!
5. I long to work for myself.
6. I call my ponytail my 'squirrel!'
7. I Believe by Joe Satriani is one of my all time fav songs
8. I love Rallying and have a crush on Petter Solberg.
9. I know Lewis Hamiltons Mum.
10. I once held Tony Hadley's suede coat when I worked at Thorpe Park.