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Sunday, 17 August 2008


We have had a lovely lazy weekend (yes, i'm aware it's not quite over yet). I'm in the perfect mood. I'm sitting here typing away on our new laptop (MacBook Pro) which I love and we've gone wireless, so I am also watching the athletics from the Olympics (and feeling like I should really get off my large bum and do some exercise).

We had a yummy coffee and cake at The Old Maltings yesterday before going to the little hidden bookstore at the back of the market square and buying up most of the 50% discounted stock. I love books, I have a serious habit, I've read 29 books so far this year! We bought a new lamp for the living room and just generally strolled where our fancy took us. Michael's sister came round for dinner (chicken fajitas) and several vodka and cokes and stayed the night. Our first guest.

Today we had a nice lie-in. We took Sarah to the DIY store to choose the paint for her new house (she gets the keys tomorrow but it needs painting and carpeting first) and I bought some more picture frames. We are working on covering the downstairs loo walls with lots of pictures of family, sounds odd but it's looking good but we need more of Michael and Sarah, there's a couple of me and Steve as children which are quite funny.

So, next weekend is the girls get together which i'm looking forward to. It's been a while (a year I guess) since we were all last together. On the Sunday is Michael's parents anniversary BBQ and then Bank Holiday Monday, excellent.

I've booked us a long weekend in Cornwall in September once the kids are back at school (not ours, just kids in general). We are staying at Penhale to try out our lovely new tent and on the itinerary is The Eden Project, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, and possibly a visit to Padstow for lunch (depending on how rich we are feeling).


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