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Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Girls Night In...

...Was excellent! It's been a year since we were all together and it felt (as always) that we'd only seen each other last week. The cast of characters: Me, Lisa (Turquoise), Katy (The Millpond), Claire H (mine host), Caroline and Suzanne. Claire H kindly lent us her house for the evening and even volunteered to cook.

It was lovely seeing everyone again, considering we used to see each other on a weekly basis until we got all grown up and spread ourselves across the country getting married and having babies. I know that our friendship is real because it never seems strained when we have our 'reunion'. Sorry, bit sappy I know.

So, in a very civilised, grown-up fashion, we started with drinks and antipasti on the terrace. All very glamorous until Lisa decided that we needed a group shot and the only item of garden furniture high enough to position the camera on was a bird table, full of bird..., well, poo. Things kind of slid downhill rapidly after that.

So, first course was a lovely salad, followed by palate cleansing home-made lemon sorbet, chicken with a leek sauce and vegetables (very nice), a selection of puddings, tiramisu and jelly and cream (with a serious amount of wine to accompany the courses), cheese, coffee, liquors, possibly more wine and .... my memory fails me there. I have to admit that I cannot do justice to the food, it was wonderful. Claire said that it was her first dinner party but I bet she had practised 'a la master chef style' many times it was just yummy!

After dinner entertainment (and during actually, see pictures of Claire singing and Caroline chair dancing) was Madonna karaoke, needless to say I just gave encouragement.

So, after all of us saying that as we were so old and tired we would all be in bed just after 10pm, we finally called it a night gone midnight. It was a lovely night. I believe that we may have agreed that it's my turn to host it next year. We did discuss getting together before Christmas but considering how difficult it was to arrange this date, I don't think we will.

Anyway, lots of love to all my girly friends. See you in 2009! xx


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