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Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Me, I mean.

I've just been through all the blogs I read, and there's a fair few. Regular blogs, friends blogs, food blogs, a very funny blog by a waiter etc, and have deleted the ones that haven't blogged for a while (giving me nothing new to read!). After completing this task I realised that *cough* I haven't blogged for well over a month. Oops!

So, just for you:

* We are still moving but it has been put back to the 20th June (the week before our holiday, eek!)
* Michael spent £1,000 on a camera lens and it's only about 6 inches long. WTF!
* I had an opticians appointment and it cost £150!?!
* Michael is staying at the very nice Hotel Du Vin in Henley on Thames tonight. And I. Am. Not.
* It's been raining constantly for nearly a week and i am Very. Fed. Up.
* I've not been doing any gardening due to the move and only have my herbs to potter about with.
* I bought a very nice pair of girly shoes for my holiday. (they have sparkles on and everything!)
* I've just spent a fortune on books from Amazon.
* I plan to cook rissotto for my tea unless I find something yummy at Sainsburys on my way home.

Not very interesting, but I feel better for having put something on paper.(read: 'puter)


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