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Friday, 4 April 2008


Eurgh! I've just had a couple of days off with a nasty cold. I rarely get ill and this time I got the full works! I've only come into work today because I felt guilty about lying in bed doing nothing for two days, other than sleeping and drinking copious amounts of orange juice! I've felt very sorry for myself as Michael is away and I had to get my body out of bed on Wednesday evening and drive to the supermarket myself to get migraine tablets. Huh!

On other news, my Brother picks up his new car on Saturday after his Polo died on him a couple of weeks ago and i'm off to Mum's for some tlc and to take her to see The Other Boleyn Girl. It's one of my favourite books (historically inaccurate I know but a good read). The only place it seems to still be on is Esher, I haven't been there for years!

We went to Brands Hatch last weekend for the first race in the BTCC. Brilliant sunshine and some good racing. A friend of ours, Freddie Nordstrom, is in the Seat Cupra Chamionship, which is one of the support races, and Michael is one of his offical photographers.

Reading a really good book at the moment The Surgeon of Crowthorne. It's all about the creation of the OED (don't yawn) and one of it's most prolific contributors. Fascinating.


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