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Friday, 18 April 2008

Catch up...

It's been a busy couple of weeks but now i've come to blog about them, I can't remember what's been taking up my time!

Michael got to drive a Ferrari 599 from England to Italy via France, stopping in Monte Carlo (as one does). He has had a few more freelance jobs lately and the lovely Tax man has just sent us our Tax Return Form, Oh joy! We went to Hayley and Dave's wedding last weekend at Hitchin Priory which was a lovely, even the weather held out for them and everything was perfect. Michael was their photographer as well as a guest; it's strange watching him work as he usually only photographs cars and motorsport. He's very good with people though, especially, as everyone knows, people at weddings are very difficult to herd around, especially when there is Pimms on over. Some pictures on Flickr.

Work is busy as it is the end of the financial year and also the Maserati International Rally next week so we have a dozen or so cars that need to be prepared and out of the door by Thursday afternoon. That means a whole load of typing and talking on the telephone for yours truly!!

Ooh, some news! (I knew I had something exciting to tell you) We are moving. Not far and we are still going to rent for a while, but we are moving to a four bed detached with, wait for it...a garage! Also the garden is at my disposal so I can finally plant veg in the ground and not just in pots! We don't have an exact moving date yet but it is likely to be in the next couple of months. Yay!!

Having answered Turquoise Lisa's blog today, I came across this at The Guardian online. I don't have many habits involving eating (other than getting it down my neck as quickly as possible) but when it comes to biscuits or sweets, boy! If eating some kind of chocolate biscuit, I MUST eat all the chocolate off first and nibble the remaining 'biscuit' as in the case of kit-kats. With jaffa cakes I eat the slightly stale tasting base then nibble away at the chocolate until I am left with the yummy orangey disc, which I will then leave on my tongue and suck away! Sweets that come in may colours i.e. smarties, midget gems, jelly tots (my faves) etc, must be emptied out onto lap/cushion and put into groups according to colour. Then there must be the same amount of each colour in a group, any uneven ones are eaten first and then one of each colour at a time until they are all gone!! Lord, i'm a freak!!!!!


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