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Thursday, 27 March 2008

I love the Easter Bank Holiday, four days off without using any of my holiday entitlement.

We did very little. Nice coffee and sandwich in our fav coffee shop on Friday with a detour to pick up my new car (not brand new). Saturday apart from popping out for some food shopping we didn't leave home. Sunday I cooked a 3-course meal with a nice Italian flavour. Used some of my nice home grown Basil. On Monday, after feeling cabin fever starting to set in we decided to leave the confines of the house and went to Woburn Safari Park. It's a cracking day out and we were quite lucky with the weather, it only snowed for an hour! We did the drive round route three times (each time with less and less traffic) and then wondered around the foot safari (Lemurs, Lynx, Penquins, Wallabys) and watched a Bird of Prey demo in which I got to hold a Buzzard! Very exciting, pictures on Flickr.

Michael is off to Mugello next week from Wednesday to Sunday. He is driving a Ferrari across Europe though so it's not planes this time.

We are possibly going to see the first BTCC race of the year on Sunday (depends if we can get out of bed early enough) but no real plans other than that. I now have a Costco card and have heard that there is a new store in Milton Keynes so i may pay that a visit. On the whole, all very boring at the mo!


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