Just The Two of US

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Alone. Again.

Michael has just left for Gatwick. He is staying overnight there in order to catch an early flight out to Sicily for a tyre launch tomorrow and he won't get back home till around midnight on Tuesday. He was at The Geneva Motor Show all day on Tuesday and then stayed overnight at Mum's so that he could catch another early morning flight to Milan on Wednesday morning. Everyone thinks his job is so glamorous (and occasionally it is) but they don't see the tired, achy (his camera equipment weighs around 15-20kgs depending on the lenses he takes) and fed-up traveller when he gets home. Michael got home at 10.30pm on Friday night and went almost straight to bed, he slept twelve hours. And, I miss him when he's gone.

I've just come upstairs to have an early night and catch up on some reading (Brick Lane) and on walking into the bedroom the state of the bed reminded me that I had stripped it this morning and hadn't put clean sheets on it. Sigh. I may just sleep in the spare room tonight.


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