Just The Two of US

Friday, 22 February 2008

I bought Michael tickets as part of his Christmas present and last night we went to see Russell Howard at The Bedford Corn Exchange and he was brilliant! We haven't laughed that hard and loud for a long time. Our faces hurt by the time we left.

We caught up with friends last weekend. Down the Pub on Friday night with Hayley and Dave, round Andre and Marie's for dinner Saturday night and Simon and Noo and gorgeous little Ellie came round to ours for a Chinese Sunday afternoon/evening. Nothing much planned for this weekend; Michael is off Go-karting with the boys on Sunday and if the weather is nice (doubtful!) I may potter in the garden. If the weather is pants I may just curl up on the sofa and read/watch dvd's.

By the way, the Rosemary has sprouted!!


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