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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Chillingham Castle & Edinburgh

We had our annual jaunt up North this month. It's turning into a bit of a tradition.

We stayed at the wonderful Chillingham Castle again, this time in a different apartment (supposedly the most haunted one) but we were left alone by the spirits to enjoy. There were 90 mile an hour winds during one night and I did worry for the thin glass windows. I have to say the sound of the wind whistling up the round stone stairwell fron the open courtyard to our apartment was a little disconcerting at 2am! It was Michaels job to get a nice fire going in the wood burning stove each evening which he did with much enthusiasm and gesturing 'look what I have created!'. A lot of Scrabble and Yahtzee was played and I even won a few! It's very nice and relaxing to have a roaring fire, a glass of red wine and a game on the go...*sigh*

Lots of walks on the deserted beaches, especially Bamburgh, our favourite. We also went back to the Alnwick Gardens and had lunch in the tree house this time. I bought more books in Barter Books and more jewellery in a little gallery on the high street. The Percy Arms Hotel provided us with our evening meals and I was even given a box of local homemade fudge when we left!

We left for Edinburgh on the Friday and I had booked a hotel on the internet (I don't usually get it right and we end up with some dodgy place) and this time I got it right! The Point Hotel was very stylish and a little bit of luxury after the 'shabby chic' of the Castle. We finally made it to the Camera Obscura after a steep climb up the hill. We visited The Rosslyn Chapel and Edinburgh zoo (the only animals out braving the cold were the otters and penguins) and drove off into the Pentland Hills to find some snow and wildlife. Photos on Flickr.

So now I want a weekend break somewhere, possibly Europe. Any suggestions?


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