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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Went to see Dan In Real Life on Friday, after a nice meal. It was a Very. Nice. Film. Michael was a bit sceptical as he felt it would be a girly chick-flik but was pleasantly suprised. He even laughed out loud in some places.

Saturday comprised of shopping for jeans (me) unsuccessfully I add. When I don't go looking for clothes I see loads that I would like but when I have money and am actively shopping, I find none. I then thought 'sod it' and went looking for some nice brown leather boots only to return every pair back to the shelves as they were 'not quite right'. ARGH! Michael tinkered with the Fiat and we met up for lunch and coffee. We both got haircuts. My haircut was a birthday present from Mum in November. It's my regular birthday present from her but I hadn't managed to get it done last year. I was told off by the very trendy (but incredibly sweet) young lad (twelve if he was a day) who was to attack my barnet, when I mumbled that it had 'probably been about a year' since my last haircut. I asked for the dead, split ends to be cut off and he happily informed me that I would need to lose nearly 4 inches! Serves me right I suppose.

On Sunday Michael's Sister Sarah and his two Nephews, Jake and Sam come over. There was a trip to the park (has a cool deathslide) and much Playstation playing followed by a huge roast lamb dinner.

Work is manic. The boss has returned from his weeks skiing and as usual the smooth running, quiet office has been launched into chaos! Ho-hum.

So, having given some thought to a City break, I have decided on Paris as i've never 'done' Paris and also a weekend in Cornwall in order to visit the Eden Project Eden Project and eat at Rick Steins. But when I get to do these trips is another matter.


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